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Get on the App - The first free 100 has expired, WOW what a response!

We don't want you to miss out and would love you to get the opportuntity to be in the community for less than a coffee,
get on the waitlist for $1.99NZ lifetime membership

You will be in the second stream group to get on when we go live in the playstore and appstore at $1.99NZ.  Get on the waitlist for pre-notification below (note to wait for your emailed unique code to get the $1.99NZ pricing)


*If you joined on in the pre launch promo you will be the first stream group to get on as soon as its live in the appstore/playstore/website - this group has now reached capacity

Price increase after we go live $9.99USD

If you are a tourism or accommodation business you will be able to access the app for your customers this program will roll out after the initial first and second stream clients have accessed their logins, please email me if this is of interest to your business -

I am grateful to connect with you all on this exciting lifetime project, kind regards Rachel

Second Stream Group Waitlist

Thank you for joining the list

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